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Tribes and Natures Defenders Inc. is very serious to implement projects to fight deforestation, wildlife trading, mining and indigenous peoples exploitation for the next generation as we believe that there is no PLANET B.

Work with Indigenous Peoples and Rainforest

Local Widlife Rescue

Restoration and Agroforestry

Mindanao Rainforest and Indigenous Peoples Communities

Mindanao Island

The organization will address issues of deforestation, wildlife trading, culture and identity loss

The organization will rescue and save the endangered wildlife like  Philippine Eagle, Tarsier, Deer, Hornbill, Flying Fox, Iguana, Wild cat, Bleeding heart, Warty Pigs and Owls

Indigenous Peoples  Denuded Ancestral Domains

The organization will implement projects to restore the denuded sacred forest in the  tribal ancestral domain through agroforestry projects


You can help us save the mother earth, wildlife and indigenous peoples through your kind donations. We are one to fight for our last home. Your contribution will make big difference.

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