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Tribes and Natures Defenders Inc. -an indigenous peoples led non-profit organization base in Philippines and formerly Higa-onon Ha Migsabuwa Ta Lanao Inc. as amended last September 08, 2013.

The organization  was created by the Tribal Council of Elders to address issues of the local tribes to protect their last home sacred forest, respond the needs of forest survival through food security and fight the entry of the capitalists. Tribes and Natures Defenders Inc. led by the fully blooded tribal board of directors, staffs and community workers. The organization is fully aware of the problems and struggles faced by the tribal communities pertaining to natures and culture survival.

The Organization has championed in helping and implementing development projects towards the Indigenous Peoples communities and having credible track records in addressing the issues of poverty, health, education, livelihood, sustainable agriculture, peace building, Indigenous Peoples Rights to self Determination, degradation of culture, beliefs, language, tradition and cultural heritage; environmental degradation and economic development. TRINAD Inc. had partnered with the International Donors and funders. 


Empower the children, women and men of the Indigenous Peoples Communities of  Philippines through tribal education, healthcare, environmental protection and  sustainable community development  that changes lives ; rehabilitate and protect the environment; promote their rights to self determination, intercultural appreciation and respect; ensure the self governance, and ownership of the  Indigenous peoples Ancestral Domain lands; respect their culture and tradition; ensure equal treatment of the community and participation on the involvement of men and women in implementing sustainable integrated area development and ensure equal access to and control of its corresponding resources and activities.


We envision a community where  indigenous peoples around the world regardless of gender,  beliefs, cultures and status, live a healthy and peaceful life, working together to pursue democratic and participatory management of our economic, political, cultural well being and responsibility of nurturing our environmental resources to contribute to both local and national efforts towards sustainable peace and economic development.

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